Marbled Paper

This is such a great messy activity for kids of all ages, perfect for a sunday afternoon when you have some free time on your hands. With a few household supplies let the kids create some impressive decorated paper that they can use for their own custom stationery or simply frame and enjoy!

You will need:

A large tray

A4 paper

Shaving cream

Food Colouring

Bamboo sticks for mixing colour



First and foremost this activity is MESSY! So make your surfaces are well protected or if it’s a nice day head outside to a nice open space.

  1. Begin covering the bottom of your tray with a thick layer of shaving cream.
  2. Dot a few drops of different coloured food dyes on to the top of your shaving foam.
  3. Using a bamboo skewer swirl and mix the design until you have a pattern you are happy with. The more you mix, the more diluted the colour will be so just a few quick movements should do the trick.
  4. Place your paper face down into the dish and press down so the underside of the paper is covered with the shaving cream mixture.
  5. Peel back the paper and place design side up. Using a ruler scrape and remove the coloured foam to reveal your patterned paper underneath. Clean away the excesss with some paper towel or scrape it back into the tray to be used again.
  6. Once this layer has been removed leave your paper to dry. Repeat until you have a stack of marvelous marbled paper ready to use for card making and other projects! No two designs are ever the same which makes every piece unique.

Tip: If your colours become muddy or you want to try some other colour combo’s, simply scrape away the top layer of foam in your dish and add in more shaving cream for a fresh surface to take your print from.









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