2 Min Table Makeover

Transform a plain table in minutes using minimal supplies for a quick table refresh. The best part is you can keep transforming your table top time and time again!



You will need:

Good quality wrapping paper


Circular Table (I used a round table purchased from Kmart on sale for $19)

It is a tray top style table which is perfect to use as the edge keeps the paper in place without any need for glue or adhesive. This way you can swap out the decorative paper base every season if you wanted too!


Simply take your paper (make sure it is wide enogh to cover the surface of the table in one whole piece) Press the paper into the edges of the table so you get a template of the area you are going to cover. Similar to how you would cut paper to line a baking tin. There are probably more precise ways of doing this using maths and a pencil but this is a 2 min table make over, seriously who has the time?!


This technique will leave you with the impression of the table top, flip the paper over, start cutting until you are left with a large circle


Place your circle of wrapping paper into the base of the table and you are good to go!





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