Feel Good Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soup

There is something so comforting about a hot bowl of nourishing soup,  it’s soul food.  Cheap and filling you can feed the whole whanau for under $5 bucks! There’s a new spudshed which has just opened it’s doors and it is splendid! If you know me you know I love a good bargain. So our latest shopping trip resulted in the ultimate pumpkin score, large whole pumpkins for 99cents a pop – that sucker was in our trolley faster then you could say FREE spuds! Which they were also giving away yes…for FREE. (Spudshed I heart you!)

Naturally, with the weather starting to cool down and the days starting to get shorter soups will definitely be featuring more on the whanau menu. This recipe is super fast and easy. I like to add a lot of spices + herbs to the soup for extra punchy flavour.


Chicken stock or stock cubes
Dried Coriander
Curry Powder

Chop onion, clean and peel pumpkin. Melt butter in a saucepan and add the onion. Once the onion is cooked through add in the different spices + herbs – please add to taste, about a teaspoon of each to about half a large pumpkin. If you like more of a specific spice then add more. I especially love coriander in this recipe so I tend to add a bit extra, but each to their own.

Once the spices are fragrant add the pumpkin and toss to coat in the spice mix. Add chicken stock, cubes (or vege stock) and water making up enough liquid to cover the pumpkin. Once pumpkin is cooked allow to cool, then simply strain and place pieces into a blender. Reserve the liquid in the pot. Blend the pumpkin adding stock to the puree until the desired consistency is reached. You may not need all the liquid, it is up to you to add how much you want depending on the thickness of the soup you are after. If you don’t own a blender you can also go old skool and mash the pumpkin by hand adding the stock a little at a time. You can also use one of those stick blenders but we aint fancy! You already know…

Add the soup back to the pot to re-heat and keep warm. Season with salt and pepper. It’s super hearty, thick and luscious on it’s own but if you are in need of some extra comfort factor stir through a splash of cream or a couple of table spoons of sour cream to make the soup rich and silky and sprinkle extra coriander on top. Serve with home made bread, scones or a crusty loaf. You can’t help but smile when you see your little ones tucking in to this dreamy soup, full of wholesome goodness knowing it is good for their lil puku’s. Ka pai!

Top tip: if peeling pumpkin is not “appealling” to you, cut the pumpkin into larger sections and boil till the skin has softened. Remove each piece and you should be able to scrape the skin off the pumpkin more easily. Chop into smaller pieces and continue cooking as above!


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