School Holidays – Gone Fishin’

School holidays have swung around again and we are into the second week here in W.A Phew! After a failed first week full of bugs and sickness it’s time to shake it off and lift the mood around here. The winter blues have hit home so it’s jackets + boots, scarves + hats time so we can brave the outdoors and get some well needed fresh air!

This activity is a cinch to make and we found everything we needed in cupboards and drawers, chances are with a bit of resourcefulness you wont need to spend a cent on this activity.

You will need:

*dowel or stick for the fishing rod 


*magnet (we grabbed one off the fridge)

*paper clips


Cut assorted fish shapes or sea creatures out of old plastic ice cream container lids. Attach paper clips to the mouth of each fish. Tie string to dowel or stick to make a fishing line, then secure the magnet to the end of the line. Scatter the fish around outside and get fishing!! The beauty of this activity is it can be played indoors if the weather is too unbearable, just arrange the fish on the floor for hours of fishin’ fun!




**Remember as with all water play activities children must be supervied at all times




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