Mini office make over

Do you have areas in your home where everyone just dumps everything and before you know it there are mountains of clutter just sitting gathering dust? I hate these zones. The annoyance I feel when I look at useless clutter just makes my skin crawl. Another dead zone is on top of the fridge. Like I get it’s high up and out of reach of the children but the random collection of stuff up there just makes me mad. Especially if there is a legit place for something but someone was to lazy to put it back where they got it from. Grrrr that grinds my gears! Enough! Enough with the stuff, I’m putting my big mama foot down, starting with this pile of…goodness.

Charming isn’t it? The most random group of goods you can think of. First things first, I needed to clear a space. I chose the dining room because we need to be close to a power source and it’s roomy enough for the new set up.


Space cleared and ready to rock Kmart was hollering! My budget was $100. We came in at $79.00 which included a few extras coz…well…Kmart lol

We purchased a desk, mail sorter, document shelf, pencil holder, whiteboard + some “To Do” note pads to help us feel extra organized.


These wooden shelves were a snap to put together and at $8 – $10 each they were a steal!


Desk and acessories built it was time to organize the space. The fun part…NOT First everything had to be sorted and binned. And there was a lot which had to be tossed. This took a good portion of the morning, and then finally it was time to place the keep pile in it’s new home. And voila!! Mama has a new space and the kitchen benches are free, free to live their beautiful uncluttered lives like they were designed to!


Aaaaaaaaah such a satisfying feeling to finally have a proper place for everything. One step closer to reaching my goal of optimal oraganization. Right, now to move on to the next pile! 😉 xx


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