Decorated Storage Jars


You will need:

  • Recycled empty clean glass jars
  • bits of broken jewellery
  • beads, pearls, sequins
  • strong clear drying super glue

Arrange your desired layout on the front of your chosen glass jar. Then glue each embellishment into place. Flat-sided jars will work best, but rounded jars work as well, they just require a bit of patience to stick each piece in place. Because the surface is rounded you will have to hold each decoration in place a little longer for it to stick securely. Follow the adhesive instructions, we let ours set overnight, making sure everything was stuck in place right + tight before using. Perfect for storing make up brushes and beauty products – anything you want to store in a glam way.

jewellery jars1

If you are looking for a much simpler way to refresh some plain storage jars, get some black vinyl tape! Simply tape around the base of the jar as far up as want to go for an instant update. Decorate a few different shaped jars in a similar way to create your own custom collection.




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