2019 is well under way and it’s time to inject some of that new year excitement and energy into the blogging sphere. So what’s new this year? Hmmm funny you should ask…painting is back on my list of priorities! Yassssssss it’s been a minute ya’ll, but these holidays I have had the chance to spend some quality time honing my skills and working on my craft, experimenting with water colour, acrylics and I’ve even reinvigorated my passion for oil paint! It’s been nearly 20 years (good grief!) since I picked up a tube of oil paint and the sensory overload was intense. Memories came flooding back to me of being young, open minded and free to express through movement, bold colour, and heavy texture. Oil painting for me is quite a physical process as you get to push, pull and scrape paint in different motions and directions to the desired effect. I’m so keen to jump right back in and see where this exploration leads! If you are interested in viewing my work, please feel free to visit the Art Gallery  and check it out!

Best wishes for the new year, let’s get it poppn


Casey J xx


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