Design + Development

I’ve set myself the challenge of creating everyday for the month of Jan. Halfway through and I can already say It. has. been. life. changing. I threw out the rule book, shut up, and got to work. Some pieces wont see the light of day but it’s really not the point…painting allows me to free my thoughts and whatever is stored up in my mind and heart.

If you’re having a tough time try drawing or pick up a paint brush, create silly pictures with your friends or kids and don’t get caught up about what it looks like or being perfect, the process is just as important, if not more so than the outcome. You may laugh, or you may cry along the way but the emotions and feelings will be released and you will no longer have the need to carry them anymore.

Art can heal. Although there is much more to learn I am finally beginning to understand it’s true purpose…and my own


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