This is the biggest piece of work I’ve ever created in my life! I can’t believe how physical the process was just even to get the paint to where it needed to go. I only had space to work outside, so as I was laying down paint unless it was super thick it was drying as soon as I would lift my brush which made it really difficult to blend colours smoothly. In saying that, having to work fast and jumping about the place to make it around the canvas in time to get a somewhat even brush stroke was exciting and therapeutic both at the same time. I really felt immersed in the whole process of producing this painting. Up close + personal. Real + raw. It was challenging, and really confronting, to the point where I was trembling for the first few times I placed paint to canvas, due to the size + scale of the piece. Also water…for anyone that knows, moving water with reflections, shadow, transparency, fluidity it presents many obstacles and steep learning curves. Do you know how many colours the ocean holds? Too many. Don’t get me started on which colours make up sea foam huh! That one will have me laughing for the rest of my life…

I’ve really tried to challenge myself and push my boundaries. I think it’s essential for growth and development. Essential in building confidence + learning new skills not only as an artist but as a person.

I think this piece is calming, it allows you to pause for a moment and breathe  but it also brings life to this room. It’s transformed this space into somewhere we can enjoy and appreciate together – where we can restore + replenish.

Art washes away from the soul the dirt of the everyday” – Pablo Picasso 







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