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Good morning! Had to squeeze in a quick painting sesh just now. When inspiration strikes you have to grab it with both hands and run, you never know what might be waiting in the  wings, ready to burst forward onto centre stage ♥️🌹 I’m really drawn in by the softness and the light of this piece, but anyway enjoy and have a blessed day xx


Acrylic on paper

KAI - Recipes

Breakfast Crunch

Breakfast was so exciting this morning!! I found a recipe on @ketodad for home made granola and thought I’d give it a crack. I really miss crunchy foods like cereal so I thought this would be perfect and it’s so easy!! For my mix I combined walnuts, sliced almonds, pumpkin, sunflower, chia and flax seed. Then I folded this with whipped egg white, melted butter and stevia.

Baked and cooled overnight, breakfast was the first thing  on myn mind as I jumped out of bed this morning ready for the day. I made a hearty bowl with cold almond milk and sliced feijoa. So nice to have a real home made wholesome cereal with no processed nasties. Now to kick on with the rest of the day xx


ANZAC Poppy Wreath

This morning my heart felt called to make an ANZAC wreath. I made the wreath form out of flexible bendy sticks from my garden, securing with cable ties. Then I kept weaving branches in to make a sturdy base. I added a whole bunch of green leaves and made some red poppy flowers out of an empty egg carton. It’s ANZAC day tomorrow, a special day to honour fallen Australian + New Zealand soldiers at the battle of Gallipoli. This year there will be no dawn service due to isolation, so households across Australia have been asked to stand at the end of the driveway at 6.00am in a moment of silence and remembrance.



Art Gallery

Nature Arrangements

I have been missing the outdoors and all the nature!! So yesterday I spent some time in the garden alone. I collected a bunch of leaves and a few flowers and seashells from outside. Setting down a blank piece of paper I started arranging. Immediately this activity stopped my over thinking in its tracks and gave my hands something to do. When I was finished with one arrangement I would snap a pic and then clean the slate and start all over again. It was a warm day, but just being outside breathing in the air working under fading sunlight was such a nice change in tempo. I think I will be making time each day to make these arrangements, each time with different materials, they are so grounding and calming.


Whanau-Family Time

Coloured Paper Easter Eggs

We have been busy making coloured paper Easter Eggs today. It’s a fun way to use up any scraps of coloured paper, card or even wrapping paper. Punch out some coloured dots with a hole punch or cut mosaic shapes out of different pieces of coloured paper then glue and position on larger egg shapes to decorate, however you wish. We used some washi tape to make stripes as well. We are planning an egg hunt for the weekend so I might make some mini versions and hide them in envelopes around the house with the clues inside for my son to solve. But also we wanted to add a bit of bright and colourful cheer to our home so we may make an Easter wreath and display. There has been a call out to decorate eggs and place them in the front window of your home so children can hunt for eggs as they are out walking in the neighbourhood, which I thought was an amazing idea!

Just thought I’d share this simple little activity and what we’re up to in our lil whare today! Happy Easter crafting xx


Whanau-Family Time

Baking up a storm!

My son found a recipe on YouTube for baguettes. So I decided to turn this curiosity into a learning opportunity. I agreed to let him try making some bread if he watched the tutorial and copied down the recipe and method. To my complete surprise he actually did it! To keep my end of the deal I set up all the ingredients and let him go for gold. I closely supervised, but I let him do the measuring, mixing, kneading and shaping. Oooooh was it hard not to step in, especially when there was flour flying everywhere in the kitchen! But you know what, he persevered and he got through. I was thoroughly impressed! 

I’ve always encouraged my babies to help out in the kitchen, its just always been that way in my family. It’s how we bond and hand down knowledge between generations. But this is the first time I’ve let my son really choose what he wanted to cook, from scratch, start to finish. In one baking session we covered procedural writing, measurement and time management as well as working on those fine motor skills. What a jam packed lesson. And he got to eat the delicious results that he worked so hard to make.

Home made bread is one of those things that conjures up all kinds of memories and nostalgia. There’s nothing like the smell of fresh bread wafting through the whare. It’s comforting and warm. But there’s also so much that can be learnt through the bread making process. It can provide an awesome opportunity to get discussing different ingredients, tools and techniques while being a highly tactile activity. And there are so many amazing recipes online to try, with only a few basic ingredients you have a whole afternoon lesson catered for. Here is our attempt at making home made baguettes.