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Good morning! Had to squeeze in a quick painting sesh just now. When inspiration strikes you have to grab it with both hands and run, you never know what might be waiting in the  wings, ready to burst forward onto centre stage ♥️🌹 I’m really drawn in by the softness and the light of this piece, but anyway enjoy and have a blessed day xx


Acrylic on paper

Art Gallery

Nature Arrangements

I have been missing the outdoors and all the nature!! So yesterday I spent some time in the garden alone. I collected a bunch of leaves and a few flowers and seashells from outside. Setting down a blank piece of paper I started arranging. Immediately this activity stopped my over thinking in its tracks and gave my hands something to do. When I was finished with one arrangement I would snap a pic and then clean the slate and start all over again. It was a warm day, but just being outside breathing in the air working under fading sunlight was such a nice change in tempo. I think I will be making time each day to make these arrangements, each time with different materials, they are so grounding and calming.