Thoughts + Reflections

It’s times like these, I wish you were here

Dear best friend,

It’s times like these I wish you were here. When the world is full of panic, dread and fear. I know you would listen. No judgement, no agenda, just an open ear.

A shoulder to lean on, a burden we’d share. Knowing that after our conversations and hearty laughter the air would be clear.

I would tell you how recently I went through a scare, a cyst on my breast which appeared out of no where. The scan has been done, and I need not worry, unless it doesn’t heal, in which case I must return in a hurry.

I would share good news too, my unrelenting excitement of becoming an Aunty, which would make us think back on our own pregnancy journey’s. What a gift life truly is. Memories flowing of oohing and ahhing over onsies and bibs.

I would tell you how I’m trying to over come my deepest fears and be the best I can be. In honour of you and your memory. It’s times like this, in the middle of the night, when I can’t pick up the phone and my thoughts turn to fright.

I am hurled back into a pit of despair and a cycle of grief. What is unfolding in the world is beyond belief. My young cousin has just passed away, we hope and pray he now has relief. Peace and rest for his soul. Returning home to the place of our ancestors, once more.

I know I am not the only one to have a hole in my heart, but you saw me for me, and to find that in another damn sure is hard. Your strength and character shone like the rays of the sun. Always at the ready, racing to yell shotgun!!

It’s times like these I wish you were here. You always knew how to make things better, the right things to say and do, no matter the weather. It’s your smile, laughter and hugs I miss the most. Tomatoes with heeeeeaps of salt + pepper and real butter on toast.

I know your work on earth was complete, your angel wings carried you away, no weight on your feet. Here I stay hoping and wishing just one more conversation, just one last adventurous mission. I hold you in my heart, thoughts and prayers knowing one day I’ll see you on those stairs.

But for now I must be brave, have courage and faith, I must carry on and be strong, especially when things all go wrong. I will dig deep, sustain and endure, writing as I go so you can be sure. If you are there looking down, I hope you can see, just how much you really did mean to me.

Take care of our loved ones, give them the chur bro’s, the east-coast wave, wat ups and hellos!!! For now I’ll cry my tears into my pillow, till it’s soggy and a mess. Which reminds me, I must find my black dress, heart heavy in my chest. It’s times like these I wish you were here, no one knows me like you know me, you knew me best.

Garden, Thoughts + Reflections

Gardening is life

So I’ve had a bit of a break from painting recently, I’ve been working on my garden. I was feeling overwhelmed, stuck and exhausted. Instead of moping, I bought myself some seeds, soil and containers. I already had some basic tools and I’ve always been interested in gardening but this time round something has clicked. My plants are not only surviving + growing, they are thriving – at times even enough to harvest!

My garden has been the reason I have been able to wake up in the morning and get excited about the brand new day about to unfold. Tip-toeing outside to greet the morning sun and to discover new treasures that may have bloomed in my absence.  It’s currently spring time so everything is buzzing with life and energy.

In previous years due to lack of experience + know how,  I would purchase seedlings and established plants then somehow end up destroying them resulting in sorrow and regret.  But this year I decided to teach myself how to grow plants from seed and cuttings.  The reasoning behind this shift included cost but it was mainly due to curiosity and wanting to see the full cycle of seed to plant, produce to seed. It still amazes me and I think it always will how something so productive can grow from the tiniest of seeds. Like teeny tiny specks?! At first I was skeptical, but as I did my research I realised that as long as you use good quality soil, the temperature/amount of light is right and the moisture levels are consistent your seeds have a super high success rate of germination. At times they sprout so fast you are not even ready for the next step!

We have had some wonderful success so far and I can’t wait to develop my little garden space even further. By starting from seed I have been able to start small as opposed to going all in which has allowed me to build my garden as I go. Figuring out what grows well in this space and area, how big  specific plants grow and once they have produced how do I want to use it? I’m learning about freezing and drying stock for later and really trying to figure out what I enjoy growing. A massive part of gardening revolves around creating systems and assisting and supporting those natural cycles that already exist. I have an over enthusiastic love of the composting process, turning vege + garden waste into a nourishing foundation for good rich, fertile soil. Learning about seasons and organic pest control is really fascinating to me, I can get lost in the process all day! Even when it appears to be still all you need to do is peer a little closer, lift a leaf or two and something is always sprouting, growing or transforming.

I have big ting plans, but for now it’s all about learning as much as I can. It’s almost like painting, using flowers as paint with the fence being the canvas! Since I’ve discovered this gardening passion it will be weaving it’s way into my Creative Whare content. It really has given me new life + energy.






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Never stop dreaming


Illustration fun! I’ve never attempted illustrating or character creation before, only in primary school, when I probably should of been concentrating on class work. But I’ve had this sudden urge to put ink to paper recently. You can get surprising results with just paper and ball point pen. I need to restock painting supplies so this is filling the creative void until I am able to get what I need. It’s got me feeling super curious because I have to do some technical research regarding figures and actions, but for now I’m basically drawing every day objects to develop my own style. It’s proving to be quite a fun and therapeutic process. It’s like you get to wind back that clock again to a time when you could create without limit as you design your very own universe!

Art Gallery, Thoughts + Reflections

Finding my way

I’m currently combining my interests to find my way with my art practice.  I love all things gardening, nature, flowers,  leaves and botanicals (if you couldn’t already tell!). I’m taking the time to explore + experiment with past painting techniques to ‘loosen up’ my painting style and to encourage more flow in my work. I forgot how much I loved learning about pointalism and impressionism in my university days so I’m cracking open the treasure chest to see what gems have been hidden away, buried deep beneath the surface of everyday life! I really like the way these turned out and plan on making more greeting cards as a part of my development, a quick way to test ideas,  colours + techniques on a small scale.  As well as being a practical item that can be gifted or framed. Here’s to uncovering hidden treasure and finding my way on this artistic journey through life


Thoughts + Reflections



This is the biggest piece of work I’ve ever created in my life! I can’t believe how physical the process was just even to get the paint to where it needed to go. I only had space to work outside, so as I was laying down paint unless it was super thick it was drying as soon as I would lift my brush which made it really difficult to blend colours smoothly. In saying that, having to work fast and jumping about the place to make it around the canvas in time to get a somewhat even brush stroke was exciting and therapeutic both at the same time. I really felt immersed in the whole process of producing this painting. Up close + personal. Real + raw. It was challenging, and really confronting, to the point where I was trembling for the first few times I placed paint to canvas, due to the size + scale of the piece. Also water…for anyone that knows, moving water with reflections, shadow, transparency, fluidity it presents many obstacles and steep learning curves. Do you know how many colours the ocean holds? Too many. Don’t get me started on which colours make up sea foam huh! That one will have me laughing for the rest of my life…

I’ve really tried to challenge myself and push my boundaries. I think it’s essential for growth and development. Essential in building confidence + learning new skills not only as an artist but as a person.

I think this piece is calming, it allows you to pause for a moment and breathe  but it also brings life to this room. It’s transformed this space into somewhere we can enjoy and appreciate together – where we can restore + replenish.

Art washes away from the soul the dirt of the everyday” – Pablo Picasso 





Thoughts + Reflections

Design + Development

I’ve set myself the challenge of creating everyday for the month of Jan. Halfway through and I can already say It. has. been. life. changing. I threw out the rule book, shut up, and got to work. Some pieces wont see the light of day but it’s really not the point…painting allows me to free my thoughts and whatever is stored up in my mind and heart.

If you’re having a tough time try drawing or pick up a paint brush, create silly pictures with your friends or kids and don’t get caught up about what it looks like or being perfect, the process is just as important, if not more so than the outcome. You may laugh, or you may cry along the way but the emotions and feelings will be released and you will no longer have the need to carry them anymore.

Art can heal. Although there is much more to learn I am finally beginning to understand it’s true purpose…and my own